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In my music so far, I haven't really addressed social or political issues directly, but that all changes today. I've been listening to a lot of rap lately, and it's inspired me to give it a shot, and to use the new medium to discuss issues that are important to me, namely regarding corruption and inequality. I've spent a lot of time honing and developing my delivery and technique, so–without further ado–this is Edison, my rap debut.


I don't wanna wait another minute
I'm beginning to get a venomous sentiment
Administer the medicine
My head has been spinning
Been inventing like Thomas Edison
I'm bitter, but I'll never be quitting cause I'm a veteran

And I don't owe you a minute in my position
I'm willing to take a second to spill
And I'm second guessing the feeling
And I'm repressing the skill in it
I've been dressing to kill it
Like I'm investing in villainy
Are you feelin me?

Bet you feel a bit better
You better feel better
A benefit's a benefit
Better ever than never
I never said I was clever
I'd better get it together
Cause everything that I said could be forgettable rhetoric

God I hope not
I don't got a whole lot
Left to try, I testify I'm probably
Next in line to wreck the mic
You gotta be deaf to whine
The best is mine, you follow me?

And I'm not sure what I've been fighting for
It seems like armageddon is upon us

Walking with the weight of the world in the way in front of me
I'm talking 'bout the fate of the world & the way it's gonna be
You're frontin' like they made up the data cause in your fantasy
There's something that negated the way that I play, but I'm

Trying to keep my focus; I'm hoping for something different
While coping with your decisions; I'm choking and no one listens
I'm broken but I'm not missin' a moment or reminiscin'
I'm totally set on fixin' the motives of politicians
Corporations invest in domestic policy
While stepping on the press and oppressing us into poverty
Depressing that the pressure is messing with our equality
The stress is progressing while they decimate our economy

We can settle the battle by getting rid of the rubble
But you're just hitting the bottle, because you're living for trouble
Why can't you get on the level and be a bit of a rebel?
When it's a bit of a struggle you shut down.

And I'm not sure what I've been fighting for
It seems like armageddon is upon us

Taking a break and I'm breakin em all
Makin a bomb, takin' it all back
Makin' it all smack, wakin' em all back up
Thinkin' they're all that, bringin' em all back cause
I'm bigger than all that rigamarole; that's just the
Thing about all that, makin' em all jacked up
I'm thinkin' of fallbacks, makin' a call back cause
You're thinkin' I'm all whack, thinkin' I'm all smack talk
Well let me tell you something

It's a bit of a riddle, a little bit of a predicament
A bit of a pickle to get rid of all the bitterness
If you're cynical, sentimental, or mental: be invisible
The minute is critical; the consequences are visceral

Consider for a minute the implications
Of being a different race
When you live in a situation
Where people in your nation
Assume that it's your laziness
Perfectly correlating with money and
You're making it poorly

The minute the system was invented they made a mockery
Of men and of women we descended from, they forgot to read
The minimal print up in the center that mentioned robbery
Of men with a different color skin they considered property

And I can sit & pretend that I did it properly
But then again, the fact is I wasn't born into poverty
A little big-headed, but the battle was never properly leveled
I'm ahead but it was never because I ought to be

And I'm not sure what I've been fighting for
It seems like armageddon is upon us
And I'm not sure what I've been fighting for
It seems like armageddon is upon us


released September 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Evoke Boulder, Colorado

I am fueled by emotion and driven by experience. This is my best attempt to share all of that with you.

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